Angel Face Pageants Presents our ​​

1st Annual Tioga County Talent Show!

Event Date: August 10, 2019 at 12:00 PM

Winners will advance to the New York State Fair Talent Event!

Angel Face Pageants will be holding our 1st annual Tioga County Fair Talent Show in 2019 at The Tioga County Fairgrounds in Owego NY. We will have a fun filled Talent show followed by great fair fun!  We will be awarding 50 winners who will then advance to the NEW YORK STATE FAIR Talent Event! Cost to enter is $10.00.

Talent Show Age Divisions 
The county show is open to all amateur entertainers (vocalists, dancers, instrumentalists and more) in two age groups: "minis" (12 and under) and "maxis" (13 and over).

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1. Time limit for each act must not exceed five minutes. Any act running over this will be disqualified. Acts will be timed. 
2. Bands, baton twirlers or acts presenting a safety hazard will not be accepted. 
3. Contestants must be strictly amateur. They must not be/have been under contract for reimbursement for their performance. Performers holding union cards are not eligible. Expense money is not considered reimbursement for performance. 
4. Contestants may perform a maximum of three times in Open Events and three times in State Events. ONE (1) solo and a member of only TWO (2) other groups or THREE (3) groups with no solo. A group is defined as a performance with two (2) or more participants. If this rule is violated, the contestant and group will be disqualified. 
5. The 50% rule will be strictly adhered to concerning groups. In a duo, if one contestant is 12 and under and the other Is 13 and over, they will compete in the Maxi Division. In a group of three or larger, if 50% or more of the group is 13 and over, they will compete in the Maxi Division. No one over the age of 14 may perform or be a part of a Mini Division Group, including accompanists. 
6. It is advised to register early. Please submit a copy of each contestant's birth certificate with application. Incomplete entry blanks will not be considered. Once the application has been accepted any substitutions for performer, music or routine must be made in writing. No applications will be accepted by phone.
Only contestants planning to advance to the State Fair Talent Showcase should submit applications to State Fair qualifying events. All other contestants should make application to Open events.
To enter the State Fair Talent Showcase, an individual must first compete and be one of the top 25 winners in a County Mini State or Maxi State Talent Show. You may compete at any County Fair. You must however, be a resident of New York State. It is up to the discretion of the host county fair to accept or decline applications from non-county residents.
The deadline for entering is five days after the final competition of the County Fair that you participate in. Upon winning, and if you are eligible, the County Fair Chairperson will forward the appropriate paperwork to the New York State Fair. Expenses for the State Fair are the responsibility of the individuals.
7. The judges' decisions are final. Judges will score based on:
 a. Technique/Natural Ability 1-30 points
 b. Execution/Choreography, Quality of Performance 1-30 points
 c. Stage Presence and Showmanship 1-20 points
In case of a tie, judges will score based on execution/choreography and quality of performance - 1-30 points.
8. Contestants must provide their own music in the form of a cassette tape or CD.
 If a contestant uses an accompaniment tape or CD for a vocal solo, it should not contain a vocal solo on it, only backup vocals or accompaniment. Keyboards are not provided but may be used. Sound equipment will be available.
10. Teachers are not permitted to compete in their professional talent, e.g. a dance teacher could not compete as a dancer. An unpaid teacher is eligible to compete.
11. There is a $10.00 entry fee required. 
12. Daily contest prizes to be awarded as follows:
1st Place: $40.00 & Trophy 2nd Place: $30.00 & Trophy 3rd Place: $20.00 & Trophy, 4th Place: Medal 5th Place: Medal 6th Place: Medal 7th Place: Medal All participants will receive ribbons.
No dressing area will be provided. Please come dressed and ready to preform. 
Judges' scores will be mailed after the fair is over to the entrants who supply us with a self-addressed stamped envelope, prior to the end of the fair. Please include the name of your act, category, performance number, date of performance and if a Mini or Maxi Division contestant. No requests received after the fair is over will be honored.

For further information please contact:
Deborah Smith: 607-727-3600 or [email protected]

The Tioga County Fairgrounds
Route 17C
Owego NY, 13827

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